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Welcome to the BSW Academy. The high demand for our proprietary BSW Interventions has led to our decision to offer our professional BSW training courses on-line and on-demand. Our courses are focused on the use of the 6 BSW Interventions for specific health and wellness needs. These BSW techniques can be taught to clients, so the client can self-administer the techniques whenever the client needs to. All of these techniques are based in the newest science about the brain. This brain science uses the images from nanotechnology on live brains to learn while the brain is engaged in the action of living. read more


You can become “the” Coach that your community needs TODAY!

YOU will be taught how to resolve the trauma, anxiety, nightmares, and panic attacks that most survivors experience over and over.  Learn to use “neurokinesis” to get rid of their suffering. Learn the BRAIN’s solution that modern science has PROVEN that the mind cannot achieve; even with 10-12 years of therapy and medication. In just 5 weeks you will be ready to start working with clients and earn at least $100. per session. We recruit jobs and clients for your on-line business.


“I had intense pain from a muscle spasm on my entire left back that usually happens in winter. I had an appointment for the Clock and Stairs training with my Team Mentor that I did not want to cancel. As we completed the training, she asked if I knew what triggered that pain. I told her it was the cold. However, upon digging a little deeper, it turned out that (read more)

BSW Coach/Client

Virinder (Pam) Grewal

“Just wanted to thank you again for saving my life..... literally!!! As you know after losing my husband to suicide and my son to a car accident 20 days later in 2012 I was suffering from an extremely severe case of PTSD and depression.  I had been to psychiatrist, therapist, and many different drug therapies only to realize nothing was working for very long. I couldn't work, (read more)


One of our Coaches Clients

“I had been having pain in my hands for weeks from arthritis. After doing the BSW that evening I was fixing dinner and reached for a heavy pan picked it up put the pan on the stove and realized that I did not have any pain in my hands. Before doing the BSW I had to use both hands to pick up this pan and it was painful. Now my hands are pain free.”