Refund Policy

Updated: October 10, 2018

Thank you for shopping at BSW Academy USA.

Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of BSW Academy - USA.

Digital products

We issue refunds for digital products within 3 days of the original purchase of the product if the product is found to have major defects that cannot be remedied by BSW Academy USA, Inc.

We recommend contacting us immediately for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

In the event customers payment system denies a refund, BSW Academy USA, Inc. will not be held liable or to blame. 

**Special Refund Policy for BSW Intervention Business Growth Package (Bundle)**

The Certified BSW Interventionist will go to work the day that they are Certified or get a full refund.

The BSW ACADEMY USA will guarantee that each recruited coach who has paid in full for their BUNDLE will get a sub-license for a public school in the USA as soon as they are Certified Level #1. Our whole program is qualified as an Out-of-School program that is a qualified ONLINE Education System. Our whole program will get clients, group sessions and affiliate privileges. 

NOTE: No refunds are available to anyone on a payment plan due to not being able to protect the intellectual property.


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