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Free training for laid off persons who need an income. TO MEET HIGH DEMAND caused by the pandemic, we are using an apprenticeship model to train every person who applies in the next 5 weeks.

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This Certification Course teaches how to effectively address a situational crisis that exposes every member of a community to the impact of the crisis. The exposure is addressed by basing the response as equal to the reaction to the event. The method of response is to use 5 sessions that address all of the potential harm in the sequential layers.

The "globally accepted survival sequence" of fight, flight, numb and/or succumb, are carefully addressed in each session. The results are to neutralize all of the perceptions that can cause harm that can interfere with the quality of life in the individuals who were exposed.


We have focused on what the pandemic is affecting enough to need specific specialty intervention

  • Teachers & School Staff

  • Parents & Co-Parenting

  • Pastoral Care

  • EAP's


Contact us to find out how to get this training for FREE for the next 5 weeks to help anyone affected by the pandemic.

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