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You’re looking to access freedom for yourself and for those you serve. You’re compassionate, have concern for others and the desire to help those around you. That desire to be part of something bigger than yourself to create a better community, future and world lies within you and you’re ready to make that happen. Now.

Professionally Trained Coaches

The Need is Immediate

We have an immediate need for professionally trained life coaches. We have a contract that requires literally hundreds of certified coaches. This contract is the first of its kind for the coaching industry. These coaches will have the opportunity for part or full time positions, both on-line and on-the-ground. We need coaches interested in: children, youth, families, couples, sexual trauma victims, divorce, co-parenting, witness preparation, trauma and PTSD, suicide prevention, homicide prevention, first responders, teachers and teaching staff, addictions, health and wellness, mentoring, training trainers, and more. Our need for coaches will be on-going need for at least 5 years.

Coaches Must:

Join Our Team of BSW Coaches

  • Complete the BSW Coach Certification Training

  • Learn and use our proprietary techniques--be the client for a 28-day period

  • Have an ability to understand and deliver the techniques

  • Become a Certified BSW Coach

  • Submit a background check clearing you to work with children

  • Maintain professionalism and be of good character and integrity

  • Be a team player with interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills

Become a Coach, or Add To Your Existing Certification and Make a Real difference

BSW Community Engagement Certification Training Package

This training package includes our BSW Level 1 training, necessary for all BSW coaches to learn each of the six proprietary techniques and become certified to deliver them. The first part of the training is followed by our specialty training for our school project, which is focused on suicide/homicide prevention, intervention and postvention. There are also 16 bonus seminars and training sessions as a part of this bundle.

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Who Are We?

Barbara Hennessy, CRC, MSc.

Our Director

I am Barbara Hennessy, Director of BSW Academy USA. I am honored to welcome each person who is stepping up to learn the remarkable brain-based training that has changed the world of human service. Our courses are designed to make sure our students benefit from using the BSW techniques for their own needs from day one. Most of our students have been exposed to trauma, PTSD, violence and suicides. Many have served their community as first responders, school teachers, therapists, doctors, and military. BSW is the answer that these professionals have waited for. We look forward to serving you.

Our Proprietary Techniques

The BSW (Brain Stimulated Wellness) proprietary techniques have been categorized as a health and wellness product and services. The the most ethical intervention protocol available today, is a fast-acting intervention that has been proven to provide a permanent resolution of the trauma from exposure to violence and distressing events. Our brain based neurokinesis intervention doesn’t require any form of disclosure or diagnosis from the client, nor does it require or interfere with medications.

Based on 21st Century Science

Our Neurokinesis Intervention techniques were specifically designed to effectively address stress, anxiety, depression, trauma from sexual assault, emotional trauma, pain, addictions, PTSD, hyper-reactive states and suicide prevention, intervention and recovery without the use of medications and without interfering with medications and therapies. The techniques spontaneously access the self-control mechanisms in the brain and neurokinesis directs the “brain-to-body-to-brain” mechanics to respond rather than react.

Our Results

Techniques have proven to dramatically reduce the influence of negative emotions on the choices in actions and reactions. Continued use significantly reduces emotional trauma, stress induced aggression, and depression, suicide ideation and hopelessness that leads to increased addictions and reactive lifestyles. For clients who are using medication and any mind therapies and counseling, the BSW Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques have proven to enhance the ascribed results and do so in a much shorter period of time. and future demands and decisively learns the advantage of responding rather than reacting. In a secured, doctor reviewed PTSD Study, 60,000 client submissions volunteered that our techniques consistently achieved immediate positive, permanent results within 28 days or less. Average improvement of sleep was 68.6%, which decreases the extended times of sleep deprivation that contribute to 89.1% of suicides. 65.3% of participants indicated the techniques were very helpful with increasing their mood and mental state and 69% indicated the techniques were effective.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our Proprietary Techniques

    The proprietary BSW© Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques were specifically developed to effectively address trauma, pain, addictions, PTSD, and hyper-reactive states.

  • Proven Results

    Our techniques have proven to dramatically reduce the influence of negative emotions survivors experience. BSW trains the brain to instantly respond rather than react. Continued use significantly reduces emotional trauma, stress induced aggression, and depression, suicide ideation and hopelessness.

  • Benefits of BSW

    Benefits are achieved without the use of medication, counseling, and therapy. For clients who are using medication and any mind therapies and counseling, the BSW Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques have proven to enhance the ascribed results and do so in a much shorter period of time.


  • If I have another coach certification, isn’t that enough? Do I really need to take your training?

    Yes, if you want to work with us, you must take our training. Our contract specifically requires all of our coaches to use the proprietary BSW techniques and follow particular protocols with all clients under this contract. You will have the opportunity to benefit from these techniques yourself by undergoing 5 mandatory sessions as a client with your team leader.

  • What background and qualifications are necessary to work with you?

    Even though we will teach you all the necessary techniques, we are looking for people who have experience working with people, such as life enhancement coaches or intervention professionals. For this type of work, we are not requiring any specific qualifications or background, but any experience you have working with people is a plus.

  • How does the training work?

    The first part of training for the school project is Phase 1 Specialty Training. It is 26 hours of recorded videos available on demand as soon as you enroll in our program. There are assessments at the end of each lesson to ensure you have watched the videos and grasped the important points in the training. The assessments must be passed with 90% accuracy before moving on to the next lesson. You may take the assessments as many times as is necessary to achieve the 90% pass rate. After enrollment, you will be assigned a team lead coach. He or she will take you through 5 sessions as a client and support you through your training process. For 28 days you will practice, maintain and submit a daily checklist of our techniques and experience how they can help you deal with any of your own anxieties or stressors. As part of your training, you will need to find 5 pro bono practice clients and take them through 5 weekly sessions each. Your practice clients will also have to submit the 28-day checklist.

Become a BSW Coach Now

If you’re hesitant about the investment for your certification, here’s something think about: Many states, employers, and insurers require 4-5 years of University work for a degree and in some cases additional time and investment. Then you have to find your footing and clients. So, the average cost of achieving the right to work in a program capacity as a coach is $300,000 plus 6-7 years of living costs during education and practicum; most of which are held as student loans. A BSW Coaching Certification costs a mere fraction of that. On top of that, our BSW Affiliate program is available to enable any person who needs help paying for their course to earn it by recruiting or doing referrals. Affiliates earn 20% of each event ticket price and/or each course enrollment fee.
Your personal transformation is brought on by our multifaceted training process. brings about change in your relationships and empowers you to release events from the past and build anew. Imagine what your life will look like when that happens. Imagine what's possible for the clients you'll serve. You're at the core of helping people let go of things they've been living with and fighting for years. Things that have caused their anxiety, sleepless nights and nightmares they endure, the panic or nervousness in their days, difficulty concentrating, outbursts and irrational anger and feelings of what happened to them happening again. The possibility of living without the impact of trauma is here.

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