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  • Job Demand

    Our coaches are in high demand, because of how pervasive violence is in the workplace, the household, and the community.

  • Practicum

    Doing practicum in the community may start as unpaid, but will lead to being paid and then to being hired in most cases.

  • Earnings

    Earnings for a Certified Coach start at $100 per session or much more when doing groups. After the full Certification in a Specialty averages $300 per sessions.



  • This Employee Family Support Program Certificate is in High Demand in Day Care Centers that value their own Employees; especially in the Corporate Workplace Day Care that must provide the best quality of care for their employee’s children.
  • Day Care employees learn 6 Brainsweep techniques that a 2016 Study of 60,000 clients proved are effective for rapidly reducing stress, mood control, and improving workplace relationships. Day Care employees will also learn how to teach these techniques to children to immediately improve the child’s behavior and well-being.
  • ALL Employers know that their employees MUST know that their children are receiving the best care possible while the parents are working. These 6 techniques dramatically improve the caregivers’ ability to work effectively with children. Parents appreciate the radical improvement in their child’s behavior and attitude.
  • Employees are often absent, absent-minded, and moody towards their co-workers when their children are not well cared for. These negative daycare situations cost both the employers AND employees lots of dollars every month. Parents will learn from their children learning these 6 effective techniques, which will improve the parent’s capacity to deal with stressors in their own workplace.


cAll attendees will receive a BSW EFSP SPECIALTY Course Completion Certification when an attendee completes the EFSP training; and the BSW EFSP SPECIALTY Course Graduation Certificate when the attendee completes the additional 8 seminars, the accompanying quizzes and final exam, along with the practicum for employer owned daycare centers..

The 8 Seminars cover specific topics & teach need-specific techniques that address needs that all Dayare employees experience. Professional level of interventions.

8 Monthly Seminar Topics

(Not included in Bundle Price)

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Acting out

  • Bullying

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Perfect Parent Syndrome

  • Discipline vs Punishment

  • Internet Culture

  • Financial Concerns


This intensive training is for DAYCARE CENTER STAFF and DAYCARE PROVIDERS / OWNERS.

The Daycare Providers course is a qualified Employee Assistance Program.

It features the popular BSW Interventions; known for getting the maximum reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism, and trauma issues caused from exposure to violence in the community, in the workplace and for some, in the household.

Other forms of trauma inducing events like fires, severe weather events, robberies, terrorism, car accidents, school shootings, etc. have all responded effectively in 60,000 client responses in our 2016 Study.

ALL Daycare employees gain skills that improve both the on-the-job and personal relationship issues that can lead to the employee experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use, unproductive risk-taking, and negative competitiveness.

Children of all ages have shown astounding behavioral improvements from using these interventions on a daily basis. Parents who learn to use the 6 Techniques at home, feel more empowered when met with tough parenting situations at home. All Daycare owners and their employees greatly benefit when the parents see that their children are having a positive improvement in their attitude and daily behavior.

( NOTE: The listed positive results are achieved without medication.)

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