Career Planning

What can I look forward to?

  • Job Demand

    Our coaches are in high demand, because of how pervasive violence is in the workplace, the household, and the community.

  • Practicum

    A majority of companies who will accept you for practicum training, ultimately hire our students for permanent positions.

  • Earnings

    Earnings for a Certified Coach start at $100 per session or much more when doing groups. After the full Certification in a Specialty averages $300 per sessions.


LEVEL #1 BSW EFSP COACH CERTIFICATE - Position is in High Demand in Corporate Workplace

EFSP COURSE STATUS: “Earn While You Learn” - from Coach, to Instructor, to Clinician, to Practitioner.
Academic course with paid and unpaid practicum hours – Certification plus required practicum hours and Seminars leads to Coach Graduation. Job placement services available.

Graduates earn PER EFSP SESSION: Coach $130, Group & Family Coach $250, Specialty Coach/Instructor up to $350, Clinician up to $500, Practitioner up to $750.


This Employee Family Support Program Coach training is an incredible opportunity for coaches to earn the certification needed to qualify to work with employee assistance programs that feature the popular BSW Interventions. BSW EFSP Coaches will quickly become vital to the success of businesses and corporations; thereby ensuring your financial future.

Employers know employee assistance programs are “necessary costs” to keep their best employees. 

Employers want EFSP coaches who are efficient at dealing with issues that affect their employees’ productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, and trauma issues caused from exposure to violence in the workplace and household. Employers want employees to gain skills that improve on-the-job and personal relationship issues that can lead to the employee experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use, unproductive risk-taking, and negative competitiveness.

Employers know insurers will gladly reduce the cost of employee insurance plans for employers when the results are consistent. BSW gives the employer and insurer the added benefit of drastically reducing the need for medications; plus, the persistent cost reduction from employees experiencing the rapid results of BSW from the very first session and forward. BSW is self-administered which reduces costs.

Participants will leave with the skills to:

  • EFSP coaches will learn how to use BSW Interventions to effectively reduce “employee dissatisfaction” and “employee insurance claims” which are the 2 highest costs for any employer; while improving the daily experience of employees at work and in their personal lives.

  • Provide BSW “one on one” sessions for emotional, behavioral and productivity support.

  • Provide BSW motivation for employees to utilize health, wellness, and prevention support.

  • Repair patterns and triggers that may get in the way of effective employees.

  • Teach BSW techniques to empower employees to consistently process and overcome their fears and reactions.

  • Provide employees with “household” support for the important personal relationships.

Course curriculum

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    • How to use this course
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    • BRAINSWEEP Protocol - 104 Weekly Sessions
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