Career Planning

What can I look forward to?

  • Job Demand

    Our coaches are in high demand, because of how pervasive violence is in the workplace, the household, and the community.

  • Practicum

    Doing practicum in the community may start as unpaid, but will lead to being paid and then to being hired in most cases.

  • Earnings

    Earnings for a Certified Coach start at $100 per session or much more when doing groups. After the full Certification in a Specialty averages $300 per sessions.

In This Training

  • 24 hours of classroom time for video content

  • Presented with live client session samples

  • A demonstration of all 6 techniques

  • Information packed practical training starting from basics about the brain

  • Numerous sources of research that can be beneficial

  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users with previous coaching experience

  • Course content designed by considering current laws

  • Practical assignments at the end of each day

  • Practical learning experience that prepares each attendee for completing the Coach’s requirements for full certification for insurers to cover your work with clients

  • Final Quiz for completion certificate